Kenneth Baker Jr

Tenant Specialist/Tax Credit Director
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Recertify Homeowners.
  2. Recertify Lodges of Fort Totten and Spirit Lake Lodge Tenants.
  3. Recertify NLRMH Tenants.
  4. Meet with tenants from the 4 projects when they have questions or workorders.
  5. Do various projects for the Housing such as the newsletter and make signs or booklets if needed for other housing events.
  6. Do quarterly report for Mahoney, Ulbrich & Christiansen.
  7. Do yearly report for ESIC and North Dakota Housing Finance Agency.
  8. Do the drawdown on a weekly basis.
  9. Hand out and receive applications for the 4 projects.
  10. Maintain waiting list for Homeowners, LOFT, SLL, NLRMH.
  11. Attend meetings on behalf of the Housing.
  12. Go out with the Inspector to do move-ins or move-outs.
  13. Go to Court of behalf of the Housing when needed.
  14. Help other Staff when needed.