Misty Luger

Tenant Specialist
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Conduct occupancy interviews with families selected for low rental units explaining the rent calculation, Rules of Occupancy and Lease Agreement.
  2. Complete annual recertifications/Interim for all low rent occupants, including a determination of whether the unit is still adequate of the family's needs, recalculation of the rent or monthly payment.
  3. Verify all income, employment and other information in accordance with Authority Policies.
  4. Enter all move-ins, recertifications, and interims into the Housing Data System.
  5. Notify Collection Clerk in coordinating tenants' monthly payments.
  6. Write Lease Violation/Eviction letters to tenants.
  7. Notify LIHEAP, GA, Benson County SS etc of tenants' occupancy and rent.
  8. Work with all Electric companies on the tenants removal of meters (limiters/disconnects).
  9. Maintain low rent waiting list.