Anthony Longie

Executive Director
Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Director is responsible for administering and managing SLHC, including SLHC personnel and SLHC programs. The Executive Director responsibilities are broader than those normally associated with an Executive Director of a housing program.

The Board of Directors of SLHC establishes individual programs and written organizational policies that must be followed. The Board also monitors the performance of the Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the Board. In addition, the Board approves the reports prepared by the Executive Director for periodic submission to the Tribe.

However, it is the Executive Director and the staff that it hires and supervises that shall operate and manage the Spirit Lake Housing Corporation.

Some of the particular duties of the Executive Director, but not all, are as follows:

  1. Run day to day operations.
  2. Insure compliance with all applicable tribal, federal and local laws as well as the terms of SLHC's corporate charter.
  3. Comply with all formal SLHC written policies & procedures enacted by the Board.
  4. Hire, discipline, reward and terminate all other SLHC employees (whether contract, salaried or hourly) subject only to appeal right established under formal SLHC written Policies & Procedures.
  5. Establish individual personnel and departmental goals and objectives.
  6. Arrange for annual performance evaluation for all employees.
  7. Identify and address operational delinquencies.
  8. Keep Board informed and updated on SLHC operations.
  9. Assist Board in establishing organizational goals and objectives as well as periodic housing and operational plans. Then effect compliance with those goals and plans.
  10. Regularly conduct both staff and departmental head meetings.
  11. Establish program and operational procedures to supplement Board approved written SLHC Policies & Procedures.
  12. Assist Board in establishing individual program statements or descriptions.
  13. Seek funding.
  14. Approve or delegate approval of all contracts as provided in applicable SLHC Policies & Procedures.
  15. Take fair and appropriate actions against delinquent program participants including terminating their participation and removal from housing units.
  16. Prepare and maintain a budget.
  17. Establish and follow responsible fiscal and accounting practices.
  18. Protest SLHC property, assets and monies.
  19. Conduct community and program participant relations including operating a non-Board process that hears most complaints and inquiries.
  20. Respond to questions, inquiries and concerns raised by the Board.
  21. Attend Board meetings and regularly report to the Board.
  22. Seek concurrence and approval from the Board when the Executive Director determines it is appropriate.
  23. Prepare and present regular SLHC reports to the Spirit Lake Tribal Council.
  24. Insure compliance with program funding requirement including NAHASDA statutory and regulatory requirements where they are applicable.
  25. Strictly comply personally with all ethical conduct and SLHC personnel requirements including alcohol and drug use requirements.
  26. Conduct work and live a public life that does not bring disrespect to SLHC.