Shirley Driver

Resident Services Coordinator
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Establish a local program coordinating committee of service providers and facilitate quarterly meetings.
  2. Outreach to tribal housing residents to market available ideas.
  3. Conduct individual assessments of interested residents to determine assistance needed.
  4. Market and coordinate SLHC's homeownership assistance and financial literacy programs.
  5. Connect residents to local and regional supportive services to complete education goals, access job opportunities and receive vocational training.
  6. Coordinate service providers and oversee delivery of services, including working with both internal and external parties to provide service, training and mentoring.
  7. Communicate and network with local, state and federal agencies and organizations to tap into development opportunities for program participants, including identifying additional funding sources and program.
  8. Monitor progress of program participants.
  9. Other duties assigned.